Creating Dictionary From Excel File

Hello Guys,

I want to Create a Dictionary from Excel File as a Parameter

Books List.xlsx (16.5 KB)

@Krishan_Rapswal do you want to read excel file as a Dictionary?

yes correct

Hi @Krishan_Rapswal ,

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We would suggest you to get the requirements in check and provide us with an Input and the Expected Output data in the form of Excel sheets, so that we can have a proper visualisation of the requirement.

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For a more thorough check, we could have a one-to-one discussion and explain the requirement in detail.

I am not getting the satisfied answer
i am sorry

Hello @Krishan_Rapswal
Kindly refer to this video you may get some idea

but when i change my data "Average of rating " in excel file it is not changing in the output of the program
( I am using Average of rating as Dictionary Value)


Can you share snapshot of the method you are using to convert and please
Refer to the below xaml.
ConvertDataTableToDictonary.xaml (6.8 KB)

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