I want to change the data in Dictionary And Result will show in Excel File

Books List 1.xlsx (17.9 KB)

Main.xaml (8.7 KB)

I want if i change the value in Dictionary as in ScreenShot the value will change in Excel Sheet
Is it possible? (not by Assign)

Hi @Krishan_Rapswal

It is not possible to change the value of the dictionary during runtime, as per the screenshot. So it’s safe to say the value in the excel sheet will not change.

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Hi @Krishan_Rapswal,
The changes in the dictionary will not be reflecting directly in the excel, you have to update(write range) the excel each time you change the dictionary.

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Geetishree Rao

is it possible to pass the dictionary key to the find and replace to compare the key
Using For each
or out_config?
by using this can we do it