Use Modern for new project and Modern design experience was missing in UiPath studio, Can you please explain how to get this?

Hi @Praveen_R1

In the latest update of the UiPath, By default the Project is creating in the modern experience.There is no such option to change from modern to Classic.
But, We can able to use classic activities in the modern experience by enabling the classic in the activities filteration of activity panel.

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @pravallikapaluri ,

Yes, I can understand that. Thanks for your help, But Screen Scraping and Data Scraping not showing in the above list in Design Tabs. how to enable that?


Both are combined into table extraction and get text in modern design


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If you really want to use ScreenScraping and/or DataScraping, can you try to add the following key/value in project.json as the following image?

"modernBehavior": false,

ScreenScraping and DataScraping button will appears.


Hi @Yoichi,

Thank you so much. It’s working.

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