Not able to find "use modern for new project" option in settings under design"

in Studio I am not able to find data scrapping and screen scrapping tabs. I tried to enable “use modern for new project” option in settings under design, but that option is not available in settings. Please provide the solution to get the data scrapping option

Hi @pvramana.blore

The update for 2023.12.0 have removed the classic switch option. So, what ever the project is being created they will be created as modern project only. If you required you can just use the classic activities by applying the classic filter option in activities panel.

If you want to use Screen Scraping or Data Scraping options you can do the below process:
Open your Project.json file and add the below give line below “fileInfoCollection”: ,

 "modernBehavior": false,

Refer the screenshot below for better understanding:

Save the json file and reopen your project, you will be able to to see Screen Scraping and Data Scraping option.
Refer the below image for better understanding:

If you don’t want these options you can remove that particular line i.e. “modernBehavior”: false, from the json file and save the file. Reopen the project again you will project will be in Modern Experience.


in newer version the choice is removed
From UiPath side is it strongly mentioned not to manipulate the project.json which is still holding this setting

FYI e.g

In addition to above with

we should also avoid touching the project.json (excluding classic data scrapper needs)


I agree with your point @ppr since the user has asked for Data scraping option i have suggested this process.


Yes, we agree to your answer

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Thank you so much for the quick help!!
I am not able to find edit option for project.json as read only. Kindly suggest!!


In your project folder you will have Project.json notepad file. You can edit in that .


Thank you. Now I can see the Data scraping tab

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As your query is resolved, please mark my post as solution to close the loop.


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