Use HTTP Request activity with same name in cookie and header


I need to make a POST call to an API. This API use cookies which contain a token and this token must be also set in header parameter.

So I have my token name in cookies parameters and header parameters. UiPath Studio don’t want it because it told me I have a variable with the same name which already exists, name must be unique.

I tried to add in my header a parameter “Cookie” with all I need but it doesn’t work, I think it is overrided by Studio.

Have you got a solution ?

Thank you.


Are we passing it another time or anywhere apart from parameters properties in studio
Like is it passed along the URL or token or through body by any way

Studio won’t override unless it is overridden with any value or variable in that api activity

Pls check that once

Cheers @pirochette

Thank you for your answer.

I checked and when I set no cookie parameters and set a parameter header named “Cookie” with all ma data inside, the status code is 0. I think something is wrong.

Do you know what is the format I need to use to pass several parameter/value in my parameter “Cookie” ?

For my test, I used to copy/past values I had in postman.


In my scenario i’m passing access token variable in header but after a single run it is automatically converted like this 1.1421: VisualBasicValue, so it is failing next time to hit the api.