Not able to assign a variable to one of the header in HTTP activity

I am trying to get cookie during runtime from a website and got the output to a variable, used the same in writeline activity and able to see the values in console. But when I am trying to pass the same variable as a value to one of the header, I am seeing the variable name utilized instead of the value. Not able to assign a variable to one of the HTTP activity.

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Hi @learnerbot

Could you please provide more details on the issue? Maybe a snippet or a workflow of what you are trying to accomplish in UiPath studio would be helpful to provide you with required support. Thanks

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Since it is in a client environment I am not able to get code snippets. Databinding for variable is not happening as expected. I am looking for something that binds the value of the variable into the http activity.

I also faced with the same situation. My flow is the next: after authorizing we get token_id as a response and I need to add this token_id to each my API call. I already saved it to the variable, but I can’t find proper activity to put it to the header :roll_eyes:

Ensure that the variable you’re using is accessible within the scope of the HTTP activity. Check its scope and confirm that it has the correct value at the assignment point. Additionally, verify that the variable type matches the expected type for the header value. If necessary, convert or format the value accordingly. Double-check the syntax for assigning values to HTTP headers, ensuring that you’re using the correct syntax and referencing the variable accurately.

To debug the issue, log or print the variable value before assigning it to the header to verify its correctness. It’s also recommended to review the documentation or reference material for the specific HTTP activity or library you’re using and check for any known issues or limitations. Finally, confirm that you’re using the correct version of the library or activity, as updates or changes could impact the behavior.

I gave all the values properly. We need to bind the values before we put into the value field. I found the solution.