Use Google Spreadsheet Activity Only allows for 'Default' Account

I have more than one Account connected in Integration Services Connections, but when I try to use the ‘Use Google Spreadsheet’ activity and select one of the accounts, my only option is ever the ‘Default’ account.

Currently, my only resolution is to change which account is marked Default in Integration Service, but for the Google Sheet connection(s) to be scalable and usable, that is a prohibitive long term solution.

Hey @nickboswell

Could you please check once in the props panel if you can edit with account?


Thanks for the reply!

As shown below, as long as the property ‘Use Connections’ is checked, the options under Oauth Client ID, including ‘Google Account’ are not editable.

Hi @nickboswell

What is the version of the activity package that you are using? I don’t think this is the target experience, so it is either a bug or a current iteration of a feature and it will be improved in the future.

Thanks for the reply!

I am currently using UiPath.GSuite.Activities 1.13.2, but when I confirmed this, I saw there is a new version available as of yesterday (1.16.2). The release notes say that this exact issue has been resolved. I have yet to confirm myself, but I expect this is indeed resolved. Thanks UiPath!


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