Use Google Drive Google account property


I am trying to automate some functions in Google drive.
I have followed the instruction here : and added the credentials.
WHen I choose the Default account type in Use Google Drive activity , i get the approval screen and my id is auto populated.
I want this solution to run across unattended bots, but when I try to edit the Google account field it doesn’t allow me.
OnPrem Orchestrator version: 2021.10.3
Gsuite version: 1.16.2
Based on GSuite release notes this issue should have been resolved, is anyone else facing the same
I can see another ticket was raised , but currently closed down: Use Google Spreadsheet Activity Only allows for 'Default' Account



Hi @Sohana_Dinesh_Kamat_DK

Are you able to choose another account from the activity dropdown in the designer area?

Hi Maciej ,

Yes, but it always gets me default google account
Is it possible to pass it as an Variable in the field Google account ?

I believe this to be a highly requested feature and our team is working on it.

Do you have any update for this? We really need to be able to input a variable/argument/asset in this google account input property.