Use form as output

I have a process in which a form is filled with a series of data, which I have extracted from a table. You can use this form that the robot has created and send it by email. Is there a way to save it as a report? Thank you

Hai @Marisa_Ontiveros…Are u need to save the attachment (report) from the mail that u r sent?

if yes , then please follow below instructions:
1- Get mail message activity, and Set the folder
2- use save attachment to save the attachment that u r send via mail

@Marisa_Ontiveros That Depends on which format do you want the Form to be Saved and Also what is the Current Format of the Form

The form is created by the robot with the Create Form activity, in principle the output variable is json. I don’t know if there is any way I can use the form to send it by mail

@Marisa_Ontiveros I guess what you’ll need to do is Based on the Output Json that you receive you’ll need to Parse it and Convert it into an HTML form using HTML tags with Form Tag Basically and then send it in the body of mail with IsBodyHtml Set to True. Also Considering that your form is always the same format :sweat_smile:. This might be possible If we Attempt to Implement it.

This is the json that comes out of the form

{“nomeDoCondutor”:“LUCAS DE JESUS SAMPAIO”,“cpfDoCondutor”:“479.679.648-70”,“numeroDoRegistro”:“07213979566”,“CNH”:“2085623376”,“codigoDeSeguranCa”:“47850924513”,“nomeDaMae”:“PATRICIA CANARIO DE JESUS”,“categoria”:“AB”,“dataDeEmissao”:“19/02/2020”,“validade”:“18/09/2023”,“submit”:true}

@Marisa_Ontiveros Is it Fine, if you get the mail in this format :

Yes, that’s great. And how can I fill in the data that each one is in a variable? and how can I put the html as the body of the email. Thank you very much for the help

@Marisa_Ontiveros Can you Check this Workflow :
Main.xaml (8.8 KB)

I have solved it, thank you very much. I have put the variables in the html code and it has worked. It has been very helpful.

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