Use Desktop Outlook App not fetching outlook folders

Hi there.

I use “Use Desktop Outlook App” activity, which finds normally my outlook mail account.
But, when afterwards I use “For Each Mail” activity, when I press the “+” symbol in field “In emails from”, it doesn’t fetch the Outlook folders. The only available options are “Open in advanced editor” and “create variable”.

Any ideas how to get outlook folders?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Which studiox and mail package do you use?
Besides the for each, inside the card can you place a send mail and do a test to see if it works? Just comment the for each

I’m using Studio Pro Community Edition 2020.10.6. The package UiPath.Mail.Activities is version 1.9.5.

I can’t do a test, because I can’t define which mail folder to use (what do you mean “inside the card”?).

I managed to do a workaround: after the “Use Desktop Outlook App” activity and before the “For Each Mail” activity (for outlook app), I inserted a “Get Oulook Mail Message” activity and it seems to work fine: I can use filters, check the “OnlyUnreadMessages” etc.

But still, shouldn’t the “For Each Mail” activity (for outlook app) to be able to show all the mail folders, so I could be able to choose one of them?

i thought you were using StudioX.
In Tools options you have the Repair Tool for Microsoft Office Interop. Can you try to run it, might be a problem with your office install and that tool should repair it.

Hi horia,

i also faced same issue. I repair that tools and it still cant access outlook properties. Any steps you suggest.