I have this error and i don’t know how to solve it.



Try to create it again once, Before that close uipath & close sap then try it will work

Thanks Varun

same problem, persist.


Sap application in the same path which you given here?

yes, in a remote desktop


Sap application & uipath studio in same VDI?

sap app in .rdp and studio in local pc.

Hello @amaia.aristegui

Here your robot is there in local and sap in rdp, so during execution, it is checking in the local path. That’s why you are getting this error.

If you robot is running in the same remote, the same approach should work.


i can’t run the robot on rdo becasue it don’t have internet. so i have to launch from local to rdp and then inside rdp launch sap.


If you want to run yo need to be place sap application & uipath at the same rdp or else it won’t work

If you have install uipath studio in local & sap application is in sap it will work


you can do it, but sometimes work and another time not.