Issue with Automating SAP application taking remote connection

case 1- SAP Application(which is to be automated) and uipath studio/robot are on the same machine(m1), but development is being done from other machine(m2) taking remote to m1. When we run the same solution on different machines the solution works fine BUT when we try to execute it on m1 itself, it doesnt work.

case 2- even if it works on m2 or any other machine it only works for the first time, every other time it fails; so is it related to UIPath or SAP ?

Note- we are trying to automate one SAP application where we are downloading some excels/pdf/text files, and manupulation with the files…
-we have used image automation techniques and keyboard activities.
- working with trial version 2016.2.6232

Hi @shweta.singh2801,

Couple of questions :

Case 1: What error you get or it’s just the robot which do not respond on your machine?
Case 2 : After first execution, Does the robot stops directly(If yes check your workflow, else) throws an error or something?

Kindly attached the logs/error screenshot to have clearer picture.


case 1- solution executes but in some activities it fails, like click on image or click on element (clicking somewhere else)

case 2- when we restart the remote machine and re run the solution from m2(machine from which we r developing taking remote to uipath installed machine m1) it works

  • no error msgs comes but may be it is failing to find images or elements
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Thank you for your inquiry.

Citrix right?, you might want to take a closer look to the elements, for instance, in my case on M1 UiPath or SAP morelikely, after a couple of sessions change the attributes as shown below:

<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=’#32770idx=‘2’ title=‘Información’ />

the IDx=2 is not present all the time, so, perhaps you might want to run the robot and take a look with the UiExplorer and start from there, either omitting the attribute or refer to the element in a different way.

Also if you are using clicks, would it be better to use a sendkey activity?

Please get back to us.



Thanks for your help, indeed the problem is with id…we are using click image and hokey activities as much as possible…

Also, what we have observed is when we download the excel/pdf from SAP first time it works fine but next time in loop when it tries to download SAP hangs, and an excel exe is already running (task manager), so maybe because of this excel’pdf downloading is hanging every other time.

even when excel is closed why i can see it in task manager-processes???

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The same problem i have faced. it is due to system restriction issues. excel hanges many time and outside citrix also you can not kill the process so best and reliable solution will work only when you will get installed uipath inside citrix and some time outside citrix you will also face the hot key operation has been canceled by admin.

so as a workaround try to close excel after taking data so next time in a loop at the time of opening next file you won’t get as often this issue and after downloading from sap excel will open automatically after saving dialog so after taking data on clipboard try to close that excel as well.


Hi Akash,
I am facing a problem with SAP window where i have to check on checkboxed based on values given in excel, i am unable to perform even a click activity when i indicate on screen uipath & sap both hangs and shuts, both are located on VDI and using licensed version UIPATH 2018.2.3. Kindly help.