Use Application\browser not closing app

Good day

I am using the Use Application|Browser activity, and setting the close option to either Always or if opened by Browser and it does not close the Outlook application it opened.

I cant seem to find the Close Application activity, using latest version of Studio.

Hi @Massimo_Gatta,
have you tried with

Hi @ydimitrova

I have not, will try it out.

With Studio community version 21.4.4 (the last stable) and the last available version of the image
I have the Close application activity:


I am using Studio 2021.4.4 and it does not come up when you search. I also have the same system activities package.

I have opened an old project and copied the Close application activity across and that seemed to work, you still cannot search for it.

Any idea why the Close in the Use Application activity does not work?

Sorry but I am not familiar with the Use Application activity.
However, the Kill Process, I suppose, will do what you need.

Yes, its a work around and should work. Maybe someone can let us know about the Use Application activity.