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I am using activity “Use Application” to
Open a file and do some process. In the options I chose “Close Always” option.

When running, it takes long time for the application to come up with alert “Do you want to save changes”. When I click “No” the application is getting closed.

But why does it take long for the alert? Is there a way I can speed up closing the application?

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Are you running it in Debug mode? That can be slower.

The closing of the application only happens after all activities within the Use App/Browser activity have finished.

If it’s taking too long to auto-close, then just add a Click activity to click the X in the upper right corner of the window and set the Use App/Browser to “never close.”

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Thanks so much! @postwick

When “Use Application” taking a long time to close, Is it okay to use Kill process?


No. Kill Process is not a good thing to use, IMO. Just click the window’s “X” button in the top right.

Thanks @postwick

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