I dont see close application activity in

I’m trying to close the application , with Close Application but not able to see it in the application section even after searching it.
I’m trying to close it by kill process but not sure to use correct way of it.
What Argument it need to kill the process which I’ve Uploaded in Snap


For example if you want to close Chrome simply pass “chrome” in the process name inlut,

You should be using the modern design
In the use application theres a property to close the app
You can select from there.


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Close Application activity is available under Classic Experience.

Kill Process activity is available under Modern Experience.

The below image gives you the better idea how to use kill process activity.

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If you are using modern design then you will use
Kill Process
And in process name you will give like this
For Example you want to close excel.

In classic design close Application is available.


You have two options here

  1. In the modern activities i.e., in the latest once…Use application/browser activity itself has an in built option where you can select close as always or ifopen then the use application /browser activity itself will close the application
  2. Or go to Activities → filter icon-> select classic then you would be able to see close application activity which will help in closing the application

And for the kill process in process Name field you can give the process name …basically the exe name or the name you see in the properties of an application… for example chrome or Excel and the application would be killed

Also it would be good idea to use kill process outside the scope activity…as per your screenshot we see kill process is used inside scope…this might cause problem as still the process is inside the application scope…so avoid using it inside a scope rather use them outside separately

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The kill process activity is used to close the application.
If you want to close the application then in Process Name field give the name of the application.
For ex. I want to close the edge application give the edge.exe in process name field in kill process. For chrome give chrome.exe, for Excel give EXCEL.exe.

In by any chance you are using use application/browser activity there is a close option in properties of that activity, select the close option to always it close the application or browser you are using will close after the session.

If you want to use close application activity, you can find it under the classic activities.
Go to Activity → Click on Filter option → Check the Classic option → Then search for the close activity in the activity panel. You find the different activities as below image, to close the excel use the Close workbook activity, to close the application use close application activity, to close the browser use the close tab activity, to close the window use the close window activity.

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If you use kill process to kill the application then it will kill the all the processes that are currently open of that specific application.

You can get the process name by:
Application location > properties > file name
ex: “chrome”

You can also use open application/browser activity and change the close property to “Always” them it will close the required tab or application.

Hope it helps.