Usb pen drive automatation

Hello everybody, Im here to ask if is possible to put an automation from uipath in a Pen drive.
For example i put a Software instalation into my Pen Drive and when i insert the Usb Pen drive he will install the software automatically… and Others things…
OR if Uipath cant do this, tell me another kind of software that do an Automation Usb Pen Drive.
Is very helpfull…
If Someone Know how to do, can you explain me how to do this please?

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This is quite a complex thing that you are talking about.

There will be automatic scripts involved, maybe even you might have to build a windows service to monitor events, then for UiAutomation you might have to build Uipath workflows, there will be many exceptions and scenarios in installing something.

After it takes a considerable amount of time what you have to analyse is whether it’s worth it; meaning, is it scale-able - do you have to install that software so repeatedly that you are looking to automate that task etc .,

if so then I wish you the best.


I am having a similar issue, I work in an IT helpdesk and we re-image computers with a specific image regularly. The problem I encounter is that we then need to install drivers and software which is quite repetitive. Does UiPath allow for a USB to be plugged into a newly imaged machine and perform the specified actions without UiPath being installed on the computer?

I’m trying to figure out if UiPath is the good solution or if we are going to need to build our own script to perform this.

David Hunter