Automated Instalation Software for multiple Computers

Hello guys, i need help in one thing.
Thinking that you have in your front, 50 Computers and you need to install a software in all of them.
Its easy do a script in uipath studio that do the installation by clicks… but how i deploy the Main,xaml that have the automated instalation to all of them, and start the script in all of them???
I dont know if it’s possible :smiley:

Can someone answer me about this situation?

It wont help you to be honest, it would be so much trouble and cost you so much money to run a single process in 50 different machines…

i think is not so hard that seems to be… its just install a software in all of them… for i dont need to go one by one myself install…
There has to be something.
thanks a lot for your reply @bcorrea

I mean uipath will not help you with this kind of issue, but there are a lot of other softwares to help achieve that, do you have Windows Active Directory in your network? If so you can use GPOs to install software

will you be able to login to those 50 machines with RDP connection by using server, username and password
if so its possible
Cheers @ivopath

yes i can remote desktop them with the same network… the ideia is create a script that he connect one by one via RDP and execute the automation installation software that i want right? But the script will recognize the click’s that i made in my desktop?
Cheers @Palaniyappan

Please dont get me wrong here, im not saying this is impossible to do, but since you have little experience, im sure automating this for you will take longer than installing the software manually in the 50 computers…

i dont have a little of experience in uipath… i know more then the basic :slight_smile:
but i understood what you said, installing 1 by 1 will take 1 or 2 hours, i was asking for some advice to do this thing fast and with uipath studio help.
Cheers @bcorrea

will be a lot of trouble, just to start you would have to install this in every machine before you run your automation :wink:

i really like your ideia @Palaniyappan, like always, you are a legend :smiley:
but when i remote desktop a cumputer in the same network show me the window for i put the credentials and i cant… tell me that i cant log…

Connect to those 50 machines via RDP connection using tools like logmein, Teamviewer, R-HUB remote support servers etc. That will be much easier for installing software on 50 machines at once.

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