Urgent help! Excel second row not being read - repeat on first row - why?

Hi All,

I’m having an issue with Excel. It keeps reading the first row.

What I am trying to do is the following:
Read row in Excel
Enter fields in app
Write result in Excel field (new sheet) “Promo submitted”
Read new row (read all rows in spreadsheet) and go through above.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!
Thank you for your help. I’m so close to getting all my robots to work!

Why dont you read the whole exel file in one go using read range then loop through each row using for each row activity?

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Hi @TimK,

that is what I am doing:


What is inside your for each row activity?
I assume you are using row.Item(“Something”) for your type into?

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Your flow looks fine so try log the information out to see whats happening.

  • Once you have read the excel file - use outputdata table and then log that to see if you are reading the datatable correctly - I assume in your read range you read the whole worksheet?

  • Add a log after you assign prom_number to see whats going on there too.


Hi Tim,

my Excel was actually fine - thank you so much!

It was that I missed one ‘OK’ button in my robot that was missing, so my java app kept looping on the screen!

That is the way we learn, by making these mistakes!

Thanks again for being willing to help.

All sorted.

Kindest regards,

No problem :slight_smile:
Adding logs through the process during development way is a good and quick indicator to try identify.

Always important to review the process steps too :stuck_out_tongue: