How to loop through excel sheet which does not start from first row and first column

Hi everyone searched and tried with different methods like excel scope ,read range etc but can’t get things correctly i am trying to loop through excel file using for each loop,inside excel scope and also using get row activity below is the sample excel and want the data from each row to be inserted into web page one by one from columns first,second,third at one time and then entering data of second row next time.

Hi @Nara, I would suggest you to use Read Range activity with Range = “Cell address from where data starts”. This will give you the data in the form of a datatable which you can loop through easily. I have attached a sample workflow based on your excel. Please see and let me know if it helps. (7.6 KB)


Thank you @Prakshi_Tyagi it worked for the above one but i made one mistake the header in the excel is expanded one and it combines two rows for all the headings i am posting it again as it is not working for current excel format given below … it gives empty output for the first iteration.

@Nara If the headers comprises for 2 rows, the first row in your datatable will be a blank row as you have mentioned. To avoid entering blank values in the web page, you can check for data in the columns of your row and if it is empty you can skip it, else enter data into the web page.

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Thank you @Sachin_Desai got it !!