UploadFiles to OnBase is creating new OnBase folder!

I am using v2.3.0 of the UiPath.FTP.Activities (in Studio 2021.10.4). In the Upload Files activity I am using “/incoming” in the Remote path input property, and a variable containing the string "C:\Users\Joe.Foster\Downloads" in the Local path input property.

When the files are uploaded to OnBase, the folder “Downloads” is created under “/incoming” on the OnBase server and the files are stored there. I have tried this with a sub-folder under “Downloads” and that sub-folder name is created and the files are placed there.

Is the a UiPath activity issue of an OnBase issue? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @joe.foster

Try unchecking create folders and sub folder property. And alternately you can try by adding extra "" at the end "C:\Users\Joe.Foster\Downloads"


Thanks for your reply, @Anil_G. Below is a screen shot of the activity properties I have been using. Both Create and Include subfolders are unchecked.

I am unclear about your suggestion And alternately you can try by adding extra “” at the end “C:\Users\Joe.Foster\Downloads”. I have tried with and without a backslash ( \ ) at the end with the same result.

I found this post from January 2020: FTP Upload activity creating sub folder - Urgent - #17 by sagacity. I have tried this but it is not working as described.

Hi @joe.foster

Try using for each and pass the file directly that might solve


I have found a working solution.

  1. Use UploadFiles with the directory name
  2. Use the MoveItem activity for the individual files from the created sub-folder to the true target folder

I hope this helps others!

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