GoogleDrive operations

Package: UiPathTeam.GoogleDrive.Activities
Author: @StefanB

Upload to Google Drive Folder

Hey @StefanB,

Do you have this somewhere in the Github? I am looking for some examples to refer for creating a custom activity that should need an application scope. Basically I am not able to find any relevant one in the web. Let me know if you can point me somewhere that helps.

Rammohan B.


The code is not shared. But you can see a sample from Microsoft here:
The most important part is the “Body”. Check how this member is defined, how the class is annotated and how the body is instantiated and triggered. Complete sample can be found in WF_WCF_Samples.
I hope this helps


Thank you so much @StefanB. Looks like a long way to go on that.

I found some custom activities on UiPath Github (https://github.com/UiPath/Community.Activities). Not sure if that’s the working one.

Let me refer those articles & samples and i ll get back.

Rammohan B.