Hi Guys I need help with email attachments please

first I am not a programmer and am still new to uipath so sorry for ask dumb questions lol
project breakdown
Getting pdfs off Gmail attachments
and saving to drive

I want google drive upload to upload all the attachments I have saved to the save attachments node
But how do I do this?
do I make a variable for the save attachments node?
then use it in the localfile path somehow ?

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also can I make them upload straight instead of downloading them locally


In Save Attachments it is showing an validation error, ensure that you make For each TypeArgument as system.mail.message

If you are using GSuite activity, that activity should be inside the Gsuite Application Scope and give the path of the file

As of now there is no straight way i believe

Hope this helps you


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thanks for the reply ,no validation errors

do i need to make something here?