Upload multiple files using type into at once

I want to upload multiple files using type into and these files are located at different folders,how to do it

Hi @alan.prakash ,

1.Get files as Array or List
2.Use For each row to get File
3.Use Type Into activity inside for each and upload files.



Please check out this link which has similar requirement:


i have used that but it is not working

What if ,if they are in different folders that i need to automate


How are you getting the file names?
If you already have the file paths, add it to an array and use for each loop to enter all the paths into the save window.


when i am using the array it shows like this

This way i have done

In this screenshot your string has multiple file. It should be single file name.

Hi Alan, please validate the Assign activity before the For-Each. I can see from your screenshots that the item object is returning more than 1 file name at a time.

i have used assign before for each and i want to select both the file at once using type into when uploading files

I’d suggest moving all the files into the same folder and then using hotkeys to select all the files.

Ok can we select particular files from the list of files to upload

These files to upload are coming from the queues

Yes, we can but your requirement is to bulk upload them right?

i have got the solution first i split into array use for each and in the type into i have use chr(34)+items+chr(34)

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