How to use Type into to upload multiple files?

I tried to type multiple files in the upload files, but I found that the input was limited in length and the input string would be truncated. How should I upload multiple files?

HI @Eric.163

Use a For Each loop to loop through the file list that you want to upload, and provide one file at a time and upload that. in the next iteration upload the next and so on… You cannot provide all the file paths there at once

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This can’t be done when done manually
But van be done in a different way
Like once after opening this window use CLICK activity and use a SEND HOTKEY ACTIVITY where use ctrl + a
This will select all the file

If we want to upload the files one by one use these steps
—being these file names in a txt file use a READ TEXT File Activity and get the output with a variable of type string named strinput
—now use a assign activity like this
arr_lines = strinput.Split(Environment.NewLine.ToArray(),Stringsplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

Where arr_lines is a variable of type array of string

—now use a assign activity like this
str_output = String.Join(“-“,arr_lines).ToString.Replace(“ “,””)

—now use a final assign activity
arr_output = Split(str_output,”-“)

—now pass this array variable as input to FOR EACH activity and inside the loop use a TYPE INTO activity and mention the input as item.ToString and use Click activity to click on the upload or ok button

So this will upload all the files we want one by one

Cheers @Eric.163

Thank you for your reply, do you find it? When you use Control + click to select the file, then the input box is not limited in length, so I tried to enter directly…

I chose ctrl+a method. . .

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Cheers @Eric.163

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