Option to select multiple documents while uploading

I have the following use case:

  1. Select upload button and windows upload screen appears
  2. Select the folder path
  3. Select 3-4 documents out of 20 documents in the folder
    How could I automate it?

I tried it by using “click” activity multiple times to reach the folder path in windows upload screen but that does not work well. Secondly, the “send hotkeys” activity (control>shift> down) did not work for me to select 3-4 documents. Though, I could be terribly wrong by selecting these activities to derive a solution.



  1. Assuming that you already know the file name. you can just use “type into” activity in the the file name text box.
    2.the files should be inside quoting marks and separated by space…


@beesheep: Awesome. It worked.

Dear Igul,

Could be please share me the sample xaml file to do the same.


I did like this:

  1. used Type Into as mentioned above
  2. then in Text field added
    Chr(34)+“11.jpg”+Chr(34)+" "+ Chr(34)+“22.jpg”+Chr(34)+ “[k(enter)]”
    filename 11.jpg and 22.jpg and I sent enter hot key