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Hello everyone,

I have an issue and I cannot find out how to solve it.

Here it is:
I have a sharepoint excel file which I donwload woth GET FILE (sharepoint activity) to my desktop. The withEXCEL APPLIACTION SCOPE I do some changes in the file. Than with UPLOAD FILE (sharepoint activity) I upload the updated file back to sharepoint.

The issue is that once I open the uloaded file on the sharepoint the excel sometimes does not contain those changes and tells me to “refresh” by saving as a copy…unfortunately this does not happen always, only from time to time.

Any suggestions how to solve this?

Thank you very much for help.

Hello @HanaO,

I noticed with the SharePoint activities that you must refresh the SharePoint site of the file, before the changes are displayed online (if e.g. the file was already open in SharePoint Online).

So do you check the changes within the file, while the file is still open in SharePoint online, or do you only open the file, after the upload?

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@Mike_Goldes so before uploading (replacing) the file back to sharepoint I must first refresh the sharepoint? How?

To you question: I change the file after it is downloaded and I check for the changes in it after upload back to sharepoint.

@HanaO, I would try the following:

  1. Download the file from SharePoint
  2. Modify the file
  3. Upload the file to SharePoint
  4. Open the file in SharePoint Online Webview - check if the changes are present
  5. If not try to refresh the webpage and check again

If that doesn’t help try to upload the file under a different name and check if the changes were applied correctly.

Why dont you try the Uipathteam.sharepoint.activities for this

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Hello, unfortunately I cannot upload it with different name…


I do. I use it, but I have issue with replacing the file and displaying changes in it as I wrote.

Hello, unfortunately I cannot upload it with different name…

Do you get an error when you upload the file with a different name?

Have you tried using the Office 365 Activities (UiPath: Advice on how to approach Excel file on Sharepoint - Ask - RobotICT Community)?
I have seen better results with these activities.

However, you will need to first set up the Office 365 connection (https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/office365-setup).

Azure is currently not allowed for me :frowning:

And yes, when I rename the file and upload it with different name I have sometimes the same issue.

You say, that the issue only happens sometimes. Can you see any difference in the files when the problem occurs? Maybe the filename contains special characters (that sometimes caused problems). Maybe the file is bigger in the cases the error occured? Maybe something else?

It may be that someone else made changes to the file before your upload.
I prefer

Checkout file
make changes
upload and check in

I guess that it is probably because the name of the file contains special character.
I guess that we will probably have to live with that and my colleagues will have to click discard the changes to see what the robot did.

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