How to upload excel document from local file to sharepoint (without url)

Hi guys,

I want to upload a file to a sharepoint page however the path doesn’t have a url, hence i need to use the “select file to upload” option. The issue is that the file name changes with date as it is created everyday, here is the path on my local folder:

“C:\Users\fred\Documents\NewData-“+now.ToString(” dd-MM-yyyy")+“.xlsx”

File name is “NewData”:

My idea was to use the “click” and “Type into” activities to upload the file but this requires that I type in the exact file name (which is subject to changes).

Any suggestions on how to go about this problem please?

If you have no way to rename the file and there is no consistent naming convention, you could ensure that the data is organized by the Date modified header and choose the top-most item.

However, it will be more stable if you can get the file with a consistent naming convention or rename the file to access more easily. If not that, using Type Into without SimulateType or SendWindowMessages will eventually prompt you to autocomplete, so if you know that the filename will start with certain characters, you could just have the bot press Tab at the point where it would prompt you to autocomplete the filename to be opened.