Upgrading from 2020.4.1 to 2020.4.3

How do I upgrade on-prem Orchestrator from 2020.4.1 to 2020.4.3?

Update guide does not refer to this upgrade path so I’m not sure whether it is a supported. I’m not behind any specific feature but just want to make sure that our Orchestrator is up-to-date.


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Hi @anuj.dwivedi

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Given it is a patch version, and depending on your requirements, you should simply run either of these installers to update your installation:

It should guide you through the steps.

If you run into any issues, do not hesitate to contact our technical support at this form:

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Thank you @loginerror!

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hi @anuj.dwivedi
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as same as @loginerror mentioned 2020.4.1 to 2020.4.3 means that patch update ,
So there are no any major changes for Orchestrator.

Just download the relevant setup and just run through in your Orchestrator Server (App Server)
There no any advanced changes through it and you can simply complete the setup.

Then Restart your IIS may enough to refresh and bring it to the new version

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Thank you @Maneesha_de_silva!

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You are always welcome and hope you able to update without any issue :sunglasses:

Hi Anuj,

we have to upgrade our orchestrator from 2019.10.17 to 2021.4

our environment is having two node ORchestrator and Redis Installed on 3 nodes and Database on 2 Node HAA setup and DR setup also there can you please provide me the details guide how to upgrade the Orchestrator and how to download the files to upgrade and steps in details so it would be great help to me.

Naresh Kumar Reddy

Hi @Naresh_Reddy ,

Please follow the upgrade guide and it should work fine - About Updating and Migrating

FYI, 2021.4 has given us some issues. 2020.10 was very smooth.

All the best,

Hi Anuj,

Thanks for your reply
I will describe my environment and orchestrator upgrade process.
our environment is 2 node orchestrator and redis configured for high availability and DR environment with active passive mode.

My Understanding about Upgrade

1 Take the Snapshot Backup of Orchestrator Nodes and Database
2 Download the UiPathOrchestrator.msi file and proceed with the upgrade on first node next on secondary node

I have some couple of question after going through the guide
for upgrading the Orchestrator is UiPathOrchestrator.msi file is enough or we need to download any other files?

Regarding Flush keys

Flush Keys
If you are using HAA for cache management, flush all HAA cache keys, using the following command: redis-cli -h <hostname> -p <port number> -a <password> flushall . Note that HAA uses port 10000 by default. For example:

when we need to execute the flush keys and on which server we have to do this why this we have to do it ?
we are using Shared Storage for Orchestrator do we need to take the backup of Shared Storage as well?
How to check ASP.NET CORE version as they mentioned to check in prerequisites?

As database replication enabled from primary to secondary (DR) do we need to disable the replication during Orchestrator Upgrade?

If we upgrade the Orchestrator do we need to upgrade Studio as well to latest or older Studio Versions are compatible with Latest Orchestrator Versions?

as i’m new to the platform as soon as we got the platform support got requirement for Orchestrator Upgrade so have many questions because i would like to prepare well document before start of upgrade please kindly provide your feed back on this