Updating UiPath studio


Please i need help on this :

using UiPath studio entreprise edition : 2018.2.3
using Orchestrator 2018.2.6

in order to use GSuite activities we have to move to UiPath studio 2019.10.4.

Problems :
robots in production and they cannot be stopped.

My question is :

There is a way to have permantely an liscence for two month for example, for the version 2019.10.4, in order to do the migration of all my robots properly without stopping robots running on old version ?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @RPA_DEV2 !
I don’t think that it’s possible to have several versions of UiPath products in the same time, because an error message would pop-up with a problem of compatibility (what happened to me before).
Usually when you upgrade, your jobs published on earlier versions are not supposed to suffer from newer versions gap.
And if you do an update, it’s indeed better to stop all the jobs processing.

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