Updating multiple column value

Hi, if you see I am updating the single column value in the new excel, How can I mention multiple columns in the Cell Content field, and in Range also,like I am doing for H cell, D cell like this,

Means How to mention multiple values here, suppose I want to update more than 2

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No buddy
We need to mention this in READ and WRITE RANGE ACTIVITY as if we mention the ranges in the READ and WRITE CELL ACTIVITY we will be getting output like System.Object[,]

So whenever we are trying to access in range use read and write range activity and not read and write cell activity

Hope this would help you
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ooh, Palani bro, if you see I am updating one Culumn value here and writing the output in the same excel after modified it. Suppose I have multiple columns to update can I use this same activity to updating for the multiple column value, OR I have to use always Write Range Activity. ?

why I am asking, I want to use single activity, I thought in Write Range we can give multiple cell value in the Cell Content. Instead of using multiple Write Range activity.

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Updating in multiple columns so write range activity is what we need to use

Yah of course we can mention the range that includes multiple column which can be updated with WRITE RANGE ACTIVITY

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