Multiple columns written in Write Cell

Hi, I want to write the multiple columns in the write cell.

Given condition is working fine. I have multiple columns since I need only two. Please suggest me. How can I give in the condition.

First I want to give the name, Here I can give the CustomerName in two ways either row(“customerName”) or Cust_Name variable. Both give me the dynamically value.

Second I want to give the Match/Non Match value. Please suggest. Increment I aready given

Note; In the cell A I want to give the Customer Name and in B i want to write the Status
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Why don’t you use Excel Application Scope and write range @balkishan? That would be easy to write the multiple cells using write range directly

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Actually bro, Above I am comparing the data of two diff excel. And In the condition this comparing data part is working fine.
But I want to write the status in the Third Excel if Match or Not Match.
So that’s way I have used the Write cell.

in the first A cell I want to write the CustomerName and in B cell I want to write the Status. With header.

Please confirm me whether you are trying to write in new excel or in the same excel?

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In the new excel bro.

Just to give you the steps, both the ways you can do that.

try this steps:

  1. Use Write cell activities before if condition and give the headers as “customer” and another write cell and range as “B1” and the value as status.
  2. Inside, for loop ,Use first write cell activity and the range as you give above, second write cell and give the status . Make sure the increment value you have in the range as “A” + row.tostring … row is initialized with the value 2… But remember, the two write cell activities will open the file two times which will increase the time span.

If you use excel application scope, and two write cell activities inside, will reduce the time taken to process :slight_smile:

Hope this is clear @balkishan


Don’t use the write cell activity of system.file.workbook , please use the write cell activity which is under app integration> Excel > Processing @balkishan

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Please share the one you developed, I will change and send it back to you

Thanks resolved bro

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Here is the reference workflow @balkishan :slight_smile:

CompareExcel.xaml (10.5 KB)

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Oh, glad you got the solution @balkishan:slight_smile:

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