Updating a table in an excel sheet

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I have an excel sheet that consists of two tables (let’s call them table_cities and table_names):

I want to add more data to these tables so that it may look like this:

So when I add for instance two more rows to the first table (table_cities), I want it to add the rows so that the new rows in the table do not overlap with the table below (table_names) (I want the distance between the two tables to be the same, no matter how many rows I want to add to the above table).

Is there a clever way I can build a workflow so that I can update tables without affecting the other tables in the same sheet?

Hi there,

just a question, what is the reason for having them one below the other as opposed to having them side by side?

Hi. The main reason is readability. The actual excel sheet will contain multiple different tables with varying length, so that it would be easier, and more preferable, to have them underneath each other.


There could high chances of one table try to overlap another.

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Maybe simulating on how it would be done manually can help to model the automated flow

  • retrieve the count of newly inserted rows
  • insert new rows (empty ones) in Excel (anchored on the first row BELOW the dedicated Table
  • insert data anchored on first row BELOW the dedicated Table

just checkout your work effort and decide on how to balance the need and the constraints

In that case, I highly suggest redesigning the process, instead of having tables underneath tables move them to a different sheet. I do not fully understand the use case but this current setup is quite complex to automate and I feel like it shouldn’t be.

@alexander.widnes Welcome to the UiPath community,

You need to create two sheets one is called City Master where you can put the City Master table and Secan sheet call the name candidate / user Details

When ever you want to add the new record you need to append the data to excel.

Thank you for all your answers regarding this. Due to the difficulties with the tables, we decided to change the process to make the automation easier.

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