How to update data from 1 sheet to another sheet with formulas in Excel

Hi everyone,

I have a Excel sheet it’s having 2 sheets

  1. Input data ( Everytime it changes )
  2. Output data ( This need to be updated from input data based on formulas)

Input data sheet - this data every 2 hours i will be replacing existing data with new data

Output data sheet - it’s having formulas to get data from input data sheet.

Now i got struck how to update output data sheet without disturbing the formulas

I have tried some auto fill range kind but I’m unable to do that completely I’m not getting exact output.

Can anyone help me how to do that. I’m attaching sample excel for reference.

I’m using - VB, windows in studio

Input sheet - is the input
Output sheet - is the output
Sample input 2 sheet - i just added additional data for testing.

Sample Records Testing formulas.xlsx (15.3 KB)

Auto fill range is good one to use
But May I know what issue u r facing

@Palaniyappan how to give range for that i have multiple columns and i have tried some code but it gave me error for some columns

Have a view on this video for some insights

Cheers @Learner007

@Palaniyappan sure wil check that