Updated Excel file cell after processing filtered datatable records to Orchestrator

Hello, I am new to UiPATH and working my first RPA. I am running a report several times a day and saving (first run) or appending (subsequent runs) to an Excel file. I am then reading the excel file into a data table and filtering based on if column E is set to “Yes”. Any records that are not set to yes are then uploaded to an Orchestrator queue in a FOR EACH ROW activity. I am trying to then go back to the excel file and update column E to yes to indicate that it has been sent to Orchestrator. Column A of the data table is a unique number and I am trying to read this from the filtered data table and go into the original Excel file and search for this entry so I can then update column E with yes so the record will not be pushed to Orchestrator again. I am at a loss on what activity I need to read column A of the fitered data table or the one to read the original Excel sheet to search for the matching entry so I can update column E. Any help would be appreciated.

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When you create your transaction, you can put that columnA value as Reference for it, so you can then go back to excel, find the right row to update columnE, for this, use Lookup Data Table activity.

Thanks, I was able to use Get Row Item activity after the Add Queue Item activity and am seeing it is pulling the unique entry from colunmA for each pass of the For Each Row. I am then trying to do the Lookup Data Table activity to find the unique item in the original data table to get the row but am getting 0 and “Write Cell: The range does not exist” when I try a Write Line on the row index variable I created. I tried the Lookup Data Table activity both outside and inside an Excel Application Scope. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


I have used read range with an excel file into a DT, then i filtered the DT based upons values in a column.

I have processed the filtered DT and now i want to read the result back into the original excel file with an updated value without messing/overwriting the rows in the excel file which i filtered out during the excel to DT activity. Is this possible?

Hi, welcome to the community!
It should be possible, tho you will need some value to be unique in your original excel file, so you can find the row to update.