Getting the first filtered result in a specific column and copy it to clipboard

Hi guys,

I’m new to the community. I’m not a developer, just try to create some bot to automate some tasks to lighten the workflow of my team.
I have an excel file with will be processed row by row, for each row that is processed the Status will be Completed, otherwise it’s remains Incompleted.
I would like the bot to filter the status column, get the first RefNumber (the cell in the first row and in Refnumber column after filtered) to proceed further.
Can you show me how to do it.
The sample file is below:
Appreciate all the help from you guys.
Thank you so much in advance.

Hello @Quan_Le

If you are very much new and trying to explore Uipath, then suggesting get faimilar using the

Also for you scenario you can use Read Range activity to get the result to datatabke variable->then use filter data table activity