Update the output of Path exists in a excel sheet

Hi, I want to check if file exists in a folder or not , depending on this i would want to update the status in excel according to the correct date…?? Can someone help…?? It is little urgent

@haresh use path exists activity


Yes. I used the path exists activity. After check and if the file is present, i need to go to excel and update the status of the file as “Yes”. Columns will keep on changing according to the dates. So Columns are not fixed. Can you help me for this condition.

can you please share your excel screenshot, it may help me to understand better

Hi, I am not allowed to share the snapshot. My requirement is if receive a file, i need to go to the excel, update the status as “Yes” for that particular date.

identify particular cell on some fixed criteria, got to particular cell and use write cell activity inside if condition. if(file exists)