File Not Found in Path Exist

How can we check if a specific excel file exist in a particular folder?

I used assign activity to specify the Excel File path and then Path Exist.
The issue is that it is showing File not Found so are there any other solutions


you can try with any those 3 activities


add extension.

Thanks @fernando_zuluaga for the quick response
Actually I need to do it in Studio. And File Exists belongs to StudioX.


Thanks @MitheshBolla

I had tried that but it is showing File not Found

send error screenshot

Hi @anmita,

The activities that @fernando_zuluaga suggested are all available in Studio, under System > File:

There was no error it had shown file not found

Hey @anmita

Kindly Path Exists activity by providing the type as File to search with the full file path.


Thanks @Nithinkrishna

Cool @anmita :slight_smile: :+1:

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