Update status of each Transaction from Queue to Excel Column

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I forget to add that

For handling this

Before writing data into cell , use lookup datatable activitiy to lookup for data from the queue to datatable and getting output as rowindex , use that rowindex to fill the cell

So that I handle it

For ur clarity I will explain with example

Let’s say a queue item has following data

Queue 1

Name : xyz1

Email : xyz1@gmail.com

Mobile : 123456790


In init state try to read the excel file and store in dt1 varaible and should be in main.xaml so that it can be accessed by other workflows too

Now after updating status as success or failed use the following to update queue status in excel

First use lookup datatable activitiy with following property configurations

  1. Datatable : dt1

  2. Lookup value : transactionitem.specificContent(“Name”).ToString ( this u can customize accordingly to ur requirements)

  3. Lookup Column Name : “Name”

  4. rowindex : index , index is a variable which stores the row index of that particular row where lookup value is …

after this use write cell activitiy with following property configurations.

Workbook path : excel file path

Sheet Name : sheet name

Cell : “E”+(index+2).ToString

Data to be written : “Success”


if it is failed transactionitem, then u had to make changes in write cell as follows.

Workbook path : excel file path

Sheet Name : sheet name

Cell : “F”+(index+2).ToString

(Failure details are written in the Remarks column)

Data to be written : reason u need to add for

So the main logic I am telling is before updating status in excel we are checking what is position of the row which contains information about queue item using lookup datatable activitiy.

Hope the above logic helps you


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