Update robot credential without disconnecting service


It would really help to be able to update robot password without the need of disconnecting it.
Currently to update a password one needs to:

  1. Login to server.
  2. Stop service.
    (if not done yet - change users password)
  3. Change password in Orchestrator.
  4. Start service on server.

With multiple servers this is greatly annoying and error prone, while IMHO it should be just 2 points - update user password, update in Orchestrator.

I understand the need to not change robot settings while it’s running, but just being available locking down credential updates is a little overkill.



To add to @andrzej.kniola if it is possible to stop receiving commands for a particular robot on the Orchestrator as an option. Sometimes, the users do not have admin access to stop the service but if one can disconnect the robot for a while where that particular robot cannot establish a channel to communicate, change the settings of the robot on the Orchestrator and then connect it again just by changing the value.

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As of 2016.2 (I think) you don’t need to disconnect the robot/stop the service. Just change the settings in tray.

Since to change tray settings one requires admin access, the organisations are not ready to provide local admin access. So it comes to the same question, that someone needs to have local admin access either to stop service or change tray settings. So that’s why was thinking that if Orchestrator can be one stop shop once it is provisioned if possible.

Ok. Changing the settings from Orchestrator…It makes sense for some (Logging Level) but should you be allowed to change the Orchestrator URL from Orchestrator?

I don’t think so - this should be kept at robot level.

From Orchestrator I could definitely see:

  • logging level (status requirement: Available)
  • password change (Available or Offline)
  • (maybe?) username change (Available or Offline)

Changing Orchestrator URL from Orchestrator doesn’t make much sense for me, as the robot keys wouldn’t match (I think). This type of setting I’d leave as-is from the tray, since it belongs more to a dedicated change/migration, not maintenance.

Changing Orchestrator URL to make robot disconnect to change the password is a very convoluted way of doing things that could lead to other issues. Also as far as I know (didn’t test that much, just noticed in the past) if the new settings are incorrect but the previous ones worked, they’d get reverted.


Yes, agreed to @andrzej.kniola that we need not have the option to change Orchestrator URL as it will not be required from maintenance purpose.

Side question - why’s this tagged as completed? :slight_smile: Is it already added to a later build?