How to change robot password using API


I’m trying to create project in UiPath that will automatically change Windows passwords on VDI machines and reflect that change in Orchestrator for appropriate robots.

I know that I can change password in Orchestrator using, that’s ok.

If you want to change password robot must have status ‘Disconnected’ in Orchestrator.

Is it possible to check Robot status via API? Is there another way to do it? (I don’t want to use Orchestrator GUI).

Second important question is if it’s possible to get list of robots and time of next scheduled jobs?

I can use to get all schedules but how can I encrypt Cron expressions?

I would be very grateful for any idea. Simple you ‘can’t do it’ will be also fine :slight_smile:

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Hi mate,

we too want to change our robots password via the API. Though we do find the API quite inadequate.

If you got that part working, could it maybe be possible to see your working example? Would be a great help, thanks!

Do you have a working process?


@heynow @TokeJacobsen @rrvdw

Any one of you ever found a solution to this?

Answer from UiPath:

Currently, we do not have capability to use windows credentials directly for robots. In order to keep your passwords updated, you can opt for any of the below approaches

  1. Use CyberArk Vault:
    CyberArk vault centrally manages all the passwords for robots. When you use cyberark, the AD passwords are automatically updated in vault. When the job runs, the new password is pulled from vault and is used for execution.
    Please note that cyberark is licensed product and would cost extra over UiPath licenses.

  2. Use a 3rd party process to send updated passwords through API:
    Orchestrator API supports PUT method which can accept new credentials in place of old, by calling the end point mentioned below.!/Users/Users_PutById

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Thank you for responce!

hi, Did you got the solution for this?