Update Orchestrator Database Password after SQL Database credential password has been changed

How can Orchestrator database password be reset so that Orchestrator and the Orchestrator database be reconnected ?

To update the Orchestrator database with updated password you either need to update using IIS or using web.config

Approach #1: Update from IIS Manager
Steps to modify connection string for UiPath Orchestrator in IIS manager:

1) Open IIS Manager and navigate to the UiPath Orchestrator website

2) In Features View, double-click Connection Strings.

3) On the Connection Strings page, select the connection string that you want to change.
4) In the Actions pane, click Edit.
5) In the Edit Connection String dialog box, Update the password, and then click OK and restart IIS
Note : By updating connection string in IIS manager , that will be reflected in  Orchestrator’s  web.config .

Approach # 2:  Update from web.config
- Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator in Orchestrator server and open web.config using Notepad or any editor
-  Press Ctrl+F and search connectionStrings . Update the password in the same and restart IIS.
Make sure no robot is running while making above changes.

Note: In this approach, usually the password is saved in text format in web.config unless encrypted using below link. 
As the password in the web.config is shown as clear text, leading to security concerns, Approach #1 is feasible.