Update Office365SharepointListItem with dictionary

I’m trying to use Office365 scope to update sharepoint item ( Office365SharepointListItem variable) with provided dictionary(of String, Object). The dictionary variable (called ‘UpdatedItem’) has keys matching the sharepoint fields names (some, but not ever field). What is the easiest way to update Sharepoint List item variable with values from matching dictionary fields ?

sharepoint item fields ( Key: 123, Attribute1: AAA, Atrribute2: BBB, Atrribute3: CCC)
and dictionary (Attribute1: ABC, Atrribute2: XYZ)
so finally I want to update sharepoint list item to:
( Key: 123, Attribute1: ABC, Atrribute2: XYZ Atrribute3: CCC)

I haven’t used O365 activities to do this task. I have done it with UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities.
If that’s an option, this is how it would be:


I’m migrating the current solution from UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities to Office365 activities