Update has stopped working

Installer(.exe or .msi):.uipathstudiosetup.exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code):free,trial community edition

Current behavior:

I am trying to run set up file.I am getting error as update has stopped working. Another popup is opening as installation has failed.

Please help me if anybody comes up with a solution .
Thank you

Hi @zaki_patel,
Uninstall from Control Panel first.

Follow these steps

  1. Delete all the file of UiPath from this location if files exist C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath. Delete the Uipath folder.
  2. If Above folder not exist then go to this location and delete UiPath folder,
  3. C:\Users\anmol.nuget Delete .nuget Folder.
  4. Send key Win+R typr %temp%(Delete all the file from temp folder)
  5. Restart the System.

Now you can install the Uipath successfully. Also check you have latest.net framework in your system.


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