Update stopped working while running uipathstudiosetup.exe

Installer(.exe or .msi):.uipathstudiosetup.exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code):free,trial community edition

Current behavior:

I am trying to run set up file.I am getting error as update has stopped working. Another popup is opening as installation has failed.

I have checked all software requirements and have downloaded all necessary updates but with no result.

Please help me if anybody comes up with a solution . Thank you

the setup logoutput.pdf (312.3 KB)

@Rounak40, kindly uninstall the UiPath and delete the reletive folders and files. And again Reinstall that. So that you have sollution!

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deleted the uiapth installer file and also deleted all files with name containing “uipath”. downloaded uipath again and still getting this error. how to solve it?

Did you install it . Even am facing same issue . Can you please help me too