Update Excel file rows in share point


I have one excel sheet in sharepoint and the path for that is URL which i need to open in Internet explorer and open the file. In that file I need to read the data and check the conditions and update the same data accordingly and save.

What kind of activity I can use to perform this action. Because the excel file is opening in IE and am not able to use Excel Activities. Can you please help me with this.

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were we able to sync up that sharepoint folder to our local system folder
in sharepoint folder we got an option called SYNC with which we can sync up to our local folder and from there we can access the excel file and use excel related activities
but we need to permission or access to sync that folder with our local system

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Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the response. When I sync the folders, the files which I want to access is in “.aspx” format. How can I work with that type of files. This is confusing me so much and got stuck here. This is the first time am working with sharepoint. Please help me with this.


this is strange, usually i used to sync it up directly to my local system and then access those files and each will be obtained with their original file extension
can i have a screenshot of the folder synced up to your system and also a screenshot for the file name in the folder, if possible

Cheers @Ananthaeswar1

Actually I don’t have much idea in share point… I have one URL given to open that excel sheet which is ending with “.aspx”. I didn’t do any sync from that url and tried to access that folder file explorer. When I access that path removing https in File explorer, In that folder I got the files with “.aspx” format.

Now do I need to any extra steps to do any sync again or to get that file in excel format.