Reading file from Sharepoint

Hi everyone.
Have anybody worked with reading range from Excel spreadsheet with SharePoint path? Looks like it can not recognize such type of file path. Any ideas?


Have you provided full share point path ?

Is it like web path or normal folder path ?

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Yes of course we can
Usually share point folder can be synced with our system
Sync it up so that we get that folder in our system and from there we can access the file by mentioning that filepath as input in the excel application scope

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @oredresser

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Its like share point path

Yes i know option to work from local folder and share it in Share point, but wanted to know may be another way exists

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Fine either we need to get to that share point link in a browser and use certain click activity to access the file
On the other side we can sync up and get the file by just mentioning the file path of that synced folder and access the file
Hope these are the possibilities
Kindly correct me if Iā€™m m wrong
Cheers @oredresser

Thank you)

I have the same requirement where I need to do the changes in excel file which is in share point, Can you please help to how to sync from sharepoint to local folder