Update column of Excel based on condition

Hi ,
@ClaytonM , @HareeshMR
I want to update excel column based on condition , i tried switch activity it is throwing error.
If(row(0) <= 3000,1,If(row(0) > 3000 And row(0) < 5000,2,If(row(0) > 5000 And row(0) <= 8000,3,If(row(0) > 8000 And row(0)<=10000,4,If(row(0) >10000,5)))))

Please find the excel screenshot which i want to update based on condition:

Can you please correct where i am doing wrong or best way to update this excel.


Hi @md.ahtesham,

ExcelUpdate.xaml (26.1 KB)

Try this…!

Replace build datatable to readRange from excel.

Note: In switch, we cant give multiple conditions as per my knowledge.


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