How to use If activity to update specific column?

Hi Everyone,

I am new in UiPath community and I need help in updating a specified column.

For my case please see below:


If (“Column A”) = “Yes”


“Column B” = “Failed”

I tried to do it on my end but column B is not updating.

Thanks in advance!

can you upload the excel file and sequence?

Hi Jack,

For testing purposes we can use this link below:

Let me know thanks!!


sequence: (put TestFile.xlsx in the same folder as this)
test.xaml (8.2 KB)

  1. read range to read excel to datatable variable called dt
  2. use for each row to loop over dt - check if column A = “Yes”, if so, update column B = Failed
  3. write new table to TestFile.xlsx

Thank you very much!

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