Update cell once datatable and get text value is matched

Hi Guys,

I have a set of datatable which contain receipt no and respective account no.
I need to match value from html table where if account no and receipt amount same then i need to click on check button.
Matching part is done but i dont know how to update each of account and their receipt no to become “MATCHED”.

How do i need to update status of the datatable using write range activity once matching is done considering the matching in the form of one account can linked to many receipt (one to many relationship)?
Since the datatable also have many different list of account no.
How to check the correct row of account number and their receipt that i can update the matched status?

This is how datatable structure:

Thanks so much

Buddy @mashy2
once matching is done and check button s clicked being inside the for each row loop(i hope u click being inside a for each row loop), kindly do the following buddy

  1. now being inside he for each row loop thus iterating through each row one at a time, lets say now we are in row number 2. So we need to set the status on row 2 and column k (index 10)…to enter the status
    –create a counter variable of default value 2
    –use a write cell activity with cell value like this(being inside for each row loop)
    sheetname input
    range as “K”+counter.ToString
    –again use a assign variable to increment the counter with value 1
    counter = counter +

Thats all buddy you are done…once the for each loop ends this assignment will also gets end
Cheers @mashy2
Kindly try this and let know buddy