Compare 2 datatables and update row("email") from datatable

Hi devs, I have 2 datatables dt1 and dt2, I want to check if condition serialNumber in dt1 equals serialNumber in dt2 if true, update the row(“email”) from dt2 with row(“email”) from dt1. Pls assist.Regards

do you have excel sample to upload?

Maybe something like this would do:

Dim serialNumber As String
Dim matchingRowsDt2() As DataRow

For Each rowDt1 As DataRow In dt1.Rows
	serialNumber = rowDt1("serialNumber").ToString.Trim.ToUpper
	matchingRowsDt2 = dt2.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r("serialNumber").ToString.Trim.ToUpper.Equals(serialNumber)).ToArray
	If (matchingRowsDt2.Length > 0) Then
		For Each rowDt2 As DataRow In matchingRowsDt2
			rowDt2("email") = rowDt1("email").ToString
	End If
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You can 2 Datatable variable. The do the below step.

1)use For Each row in DataTable Activity and loop through each row of the DT1.
2)use filter on the DT2 using the currentRow(0).ToString. (which is the first row data from DT1).
3)iF data is present use Write Cell(DT2 Email id) and update the values with DT1 email id.

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